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Our practice is aligned with the energies of Cosmos, in order to get the most we can from every moment and time in order to be integrated in our life in the cycles of the Cosmic order. Each moment is part of the order of the Universe and it’s rhythm, as well as our body – mind – emotions – soul. Each month we integrate our practice into the rhythms and our practices as deeply routed in the tradition of Tantra – Yoga – Āyurveda are formed as well. All welcome to join in.
Happy month!

May is my favorite month for many reasons! ❤️

This month as every month we apply in our Yogic & Tantric practice, anything that will support the energy of the month.

🔻 There are four aspects of Dharma as mentioned in the Vedic texts. The four Dharmas (duty, duty to body, mind and self, life) or ways of life are also referred to as the four Puruṣārthas or goals of human life. Although they are known, they are rarely understood more deeply: • Dharma – Living according to our inner purpose • Artha – Establishing goals and values that promote our Dharma • Kāma – Finding happiness in what we do based on our Dharma • Mokṣa – Attainment of freedom of consciousness

🔻 Have you ever thought about how you integrate and in a better way promote your DUTY in your life and how ABUNDANCE and PLEASURE play an important role? Here, of course, it depends on how these words and concepts are translated in you…

🔻The nature of the goal determines the nature of our effort and the type of energy we will create.

🔻 So I’m waiting for you to explore with her Artha and on a subtle level to give impetus to SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE. 

More of this divine time and practice is always shared in our private and group practices and also in the CONTAINER COURSE: COSMIC ORBIT RESONANCE . So we are about to treat our body in a loving way through Yogāsanas, Tantric Yoga Śaktiyōga and Āyurvedic practices as well as specific Restorative Therapeutics in to support this process.

All women welcome, men are welcome for private sessions, few afternoon and morning group classes. Please contact us for details.

We will share and embody more in our practice sessions!


You are welcome to join our sessions in person at the studio, or online, you can either book a private in person or online session. Our sessions are designed with dedication to the theme of the months and private sessions are tailored to each person needs in all levels. Practice is the first step to embody the transformative power of yoga and the healing properties of it. Women are welcome to all group and private in-person or online or private sessions. Men welcome to few group classes, online studio and in-person or online private session.

transformative ~ therapeutic ~ esoteric practice

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