Marilena Shyama Shakti


Marilena Shyama Shakti is a mother, artist, teacher, seeker of inner truth since a very young age.

Her todays teachings it’s a reflection of 20 years of teaching experience and 28 years of being a seeker of non visible worlds of existence, through visual arts and esoterism, yoga.

She has been a long practitioner of Tantra and Mystical ~ Esoteric Yoga tradition with 10 years of intense studies in the tradition of Tantric yoga, with 6,000 contacted hours of study with her own teachers.

Her approach bring together esoteric Tantra, mystical Yoga, with a lot of their components and techniques. Her ability to create & hold space, to turn inwards, to combine together practices & teachings, brings together seekers for meaningful yoga & tantra. As a mother and lover of her most beloved she continues her journey discovering the endless possibilities of one’s soul inside each Silent Moment of life.

Marilena Shyama Shakti
CYT® 500hr
CMT® 500hr

Marilena Shyama Shakti is a mother, artist and yoga & tantra teacher, founder of the affiliated school of Shambhala Yoga in 2005, Akāśa Center since 2010, Silentruth Institute 2018 & Open Yoga Day Cyprus initiative 2015.

She studied painting and art history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Czech Republic, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts. During her studies she was initiated and study Tantra, Tantric Haṭha, Rāja Yoga, Jñāna, Laya Yoga, Śākta and other forms of inner arts, esoterism in all levels: practical, teachings (philosophy) and experiential.

The International Yoga & Meditation Alliances acknowledged her as a Master Yoga Teacher 500hr CYT® and Master Meditation Teacher 500hr CMT®. She has more than 6000hr of teaching experience and more than 6000hr Teacher Trainings in the fields of Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Mindfulness, Vedic Art, Shaktism, Fine Arts and more. Marilena practice yoga since very young age in 1995 and teaching since 2003, starting in Prague of Czech Republic and she continues teaching in Cyprus and Greece.

In 2015 she founded Open Yoga Day Cyprus in 2015, an annual pancyprian non-profit event initiative, where yoga lovers, teachers and people all over the island, gather together to celebrate oneness, unity and love! This is her practice of Sevā project offering space and time to people to discover the benefits of Yoga, Meditation for a healthier life and society.

Written and published articles on yoga and esoterism, in various magazines and also she has worked as a fine art teacher at her own fine art center and in public schools for 8 years. She has exhibited her art-work in Cyprus and abroad, being continuously an active artist.

  • Music Studies on Piano & flute, Theory of Music for 12 years
  • 2001 Bachelor of Fine Arts ~ FaVuT Brno Czech Republic
  • 2004 Master of Fine Arts ~ AVU Academy of Fine Arts Czech Republic
  • 2000-2005 Practice & Studies on Tantric Haṭha, Śākta Tantra, Kriya, Mantra, Rāja, Lāya, Ayurveda basics ~ Rezonance Yoga Centrum, Czech Republic
    2003-2005 Practice & Studies on Tantra, Śākta Tantra ~ Rezonance Yoga Centrum, Czech Republic
  • 2005-2010 Practitioner & Studies on Yoga Nidrā, Śākta Tantra, Tantra Mārga left & right, Yogic colour therapy, Ritual Initiations, Spiritual Initiations ~ Rezonance Yoga Centrum ~ Czech Republic & Nath Yoga School ~ Denmark
  • 2009 Pedagogical Training Programme ~ University of Cyprus
    2007 Yoga Teacher 5th level ~ ATMAN Federation
  • 2009 Teaching methodology training for teachers of Fine Arts at schools ~ University of Cyprus
  • 2011 founded Akāśa Center
  • 2012 GroovyKids™ TTC
  • 2013 Aerial Yoga TTC ~ Swaha Center ~ Greece
  • 2014 Unnata® Aerial Yoga TTC ~ Greece
  • 2013 Vedic Art Certificate ~ Gina Stephaniac
  • 2013 Master Yoga & Tantra Teacher ~ Yoga Alliance India
  • 2014 Mindfulness Meditation Internationally approved 8 weeks Mindfulness Meditation course of Mark Williams& Danny Penman
  • 2015 Prenatal TTC ~ Jonni-Lyn Friel
  • 2015 Postnatal / Mom & Baby Yoga TTC ~ Jonni-Lyn Friel
  • 2017 Master Meditation Teacher CMT® 500hr ~ India
  • 2017 Biomatic Anatomy Studies ~ Apostolia Papadamaki
  • 2018 Intuition practices course I Giorgos Papageorgiou ~ Cyprus
  • 2022 Bhagavad Gītā Studies ~ USA
  • 2023 Devī Initiation Mandras & Scriptures of Navaratri ~ USA
  • 2023 Somatic Healing level I ~ USA
  • 2024 Yoga Nidra traditional esoteric Studies ~ USA
  • 2000 Art Teacher at Museum of Romani
  • Culture I Czech Republic
    2001 Alterna I Art
  • Healing course ~ Nicolas Panagi Art Studio Cyprus
  • 2002 – 2003 Art Teacher for kids with mental disorders ~ Betany Charitable House I Czech Republic
  • 2002 Yoga Teacher ~ Rezonance Yoga Centrum Czech Republic
  • 2003 Tantra Yoga Teacher ~ Rezonance Yoga Centrum Czech Republic
  • 2004 Design & paint Cyprus Cow statue in the EU Herd of Cows I Czech Republic
  • 2004 – 2007 Fine Art Teacher at her own Art Studio, Cyprus
  • 2005 Yoga Teacher at Shambhala Yoga (affiliated yoga studio of M.I.S.A. school) Cyprus
  • 2005 ~ 2008 Tantra Shakti Teacher hosting courses in Greece ATMAN affiliated school
  • 2001 ~ today, exhibited her art-work in Cyprus and abroad
  • 2008 ~ 2009 written & published articles at her own column at Purple magazine I Politis newspaper
  • 2008 ~ 2014 Fine Art Teacher at public Schools Cyprus
  • 2011 ~ today, Yoga Meditation Tantra Teacher at her studio Akāśa Center
  • 2013 ~ today Aerial I Unnata® Aerial Teacher at her studio
  • 2013 ~ today, Restorative Yoga & Aerial Teacher at her studio
  • 2014 ~ today, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
  • 2015 ~ today, Director & organiser of Open Yoga Day Cyprus (non profit initiative)
  • 2022 ~ today, Director & Teacher of advanced Trainings of Silentruth Institute
  • 2023 ~ today, Teacher of in depth Feminine Study Courses for women. Yoga Teacher mentor for new yoga teachers.
“The divine feminine is the force of creation and transformation that resides within all of us, waiting to be awakened.” – Deirdre Hade “The divine feminine is the essence of love and compassion that flows through us, connecting us to all of existence.”
~ Sally Kempton

Marilena’s approach to Yoga Practice combines yogasanas, tantric yoga, therapeutic & restorative practices, in a subtle and meditative approach. Aim is to embody sacredness, inner awakening that leads to transformation. Practice is accessible, adaptive and at the same time meditative, therapeutic and sacred as it allows the connection with ones inner wisdom. As Yoga is an ancient Indian form of practice with a holistic approach, that results that it treats a person in its wholeness from within. With respect and responsibility to every individual needs at the right time, Marilena’s practices hold the propose of Yoga. Combining traditional practices of Yoga & Tantra with modern science she is able to support her students all the way to transform their body, mind and lifestyle.

“The Bhairava Tantra is set as a conversation between the Goddess Who Is the Creative Power of the Universe and the God Who Is the Consciousness that Permeates Everywhere. For short, they call each other Devī  and Bhairava, or Śhakti and Shiva. They are lovers and inseparable partners, and one of their favorite places of dwelling is in the human heart.”

~ Lorin Roche, The Radiance Sutras

Studies with Marilena, are in resonance with seekers who wish to open their heart in order to search and discover oneself, through the Tantric, Yogic, Shaktism tradition and Visual Arts. Certifications never express wisdom or deep embodiment of teachings or arts one is gaining through dedicated practice with open heart and love. If you are ready to explore the deepest level of their soul, the visible and invisible inner microcosm that hosts our Higher Self / Jīva, without expecting to gain nothing more than this, then you are welcome to this journey with me!

“When the mind is full of worldly desires, it is their very nature to confuse the mind. Withdraw the mind from outer things and turn it inwards.”

~ Śrī,Anandamayi Ma

It is the practice of yoga through your inspiring teachings of deep mindfulness that have triggered in an ever so gentle and harmonious motion this process in search of internal truth. You are Shakti who propelled this change as the symbol of gentle discomfort and fearlessness in the vast ocean of transformational change. Grateful!

~ Frida Yiannitsa

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