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It was found after years of exploration, education, training, practice, effort and support! I found myself being ready to offer all I have gained and continue gaining on my way through my practice and teachings. The main aim through our accredited & complete trainings and educational programs, is to offer support to each unique individual to evolve to the highest level of their potential and transform.
Silentruth is also the core deeper meaning and aim of studying spiritual trainings. We all experience during everyday life moments of Silence on a conscious and unconscious level, while deep inside us are taking place in a different process of awakening and transformation. The idea of truth is about understanding the difference between making a judgment through one’s own perception and actual observation of reality or the facts of a situation through growing self-awareness.


Our spiritual study courses focuses on the dignity of the human being as a whole, the ability to create, the independence that an individual or a teacher must have as well and the magical touch to empower him/her self to transform. Trainings are open to everyone who is ready to explore the deepest level of their soul, the visible and invisible inner microcosm that hosts our Higher Self /Ātman / Jīva!


personal & professional study courses

~ live and online ~

a step by step online course from day 1 of conception

As a mother and yogi, i consider pregnancy a blooming period of woman’s life and a transition portal into a divine a blessed role of a mother. In this online course you will find all you need for your body, it’s function during pregnancy, ayurvedic food guidance, alternative practices for every step, perinatal yoga practice and more.

a step by step practical & theoretical course

Study Course is open to all women (Shaktis), who seek to develop, study, learn, awaken and transform their physical body into a adamantine body with vibrant energy & health! A step by step study course, both: practical and theoretic for women’s physical body, health, lifestyle, nutrition, hormones, healing and transformation, rooted from the tradition and teachings of Yoga and Tantra and Shaktism.

a step by step practical & theoretical course

Study Course for women (Shaktis) who have already study the Feminine Diamond Body course. Going deeper into the structure of mental body: the function of the mind, thinking, emotions, feelings, habits, focus, awareness, memory, ego, senses and more. All teachings from Yoga, Tantra for women and Shaktism, aiming to understand, embody and transform our awareness of our beingness.

a step by step practical & theoretical course

Study Course for women (Shaktis), seeking to find alignment with their loving, nurturing, spiritual heart and wisdom. Moving on from the previous 2 courses we dive into our virtues through meditation, prayer, contemplation and other forms of practices. Learning the archetypes and essence of aspiration into becoming the best version of us, with acceptance and love!


integrate your life with the cosmic orbit

Container Course

During Covid lock down 2020 due to the need of guidance, grounding, relaxation and we started sharing info of energy tendencies of the Cosmos as well as other insights aiming to support everyone, to integrate smoothly into this transitioning. So we continue this navigation till today and we offer it in a yearly container.


Śākta Initiations ~ Tantra for Women

Supreme Art

short course for dedicated practitioners
A healing and transformative course that combine visual arts with meditative, contemplative, esoteric practices aiming to uphold Intuition & Creativity! This course teaches every women how to draw & paint intuitively using practices from the inner tradition of Shaktas (Yoga for Women), resulting tranquility, peace of mind, relaxation, confidence, harmony of body and mind. Welcoming all women who would like to cultivate their higher intuition, beauty, harmony, expression of creativity with open heart.

Śrī Mahāvidyās

Great Cosmic Wisdoms

initiation for dedicated practitioners
In Shakta Tantra is considered that, “the one Truth is sensed in ten different facets; the Divine Mother is adored and approached as ten cosmic personalities” (Shankarnarayanan). The Universe and their energies and wisdom is represented into those 10 Cosmic Archetypes ready to teach, free from bondages, offer joy, wisdom and meaningful understanding of Feminine nature of creation. Open to women who practice longer period of time with Marilena and are willing to dive into this devotional esoteric practice of Love!


personal & professional study courses


foundation 50hr CE TTC

ŚAKTISOMA YOGA is a deep Tantric Yoga, with restorative and therapeutic aspects aiming to connect the body, with mind, feelings and finding inner self wisdom. An esoteric and sacred practice that support us to ‘bend’ towards our inner Wisdom, in order to navigate ourselves to healing and transformation. Physical ~ Subtle ~ Meditative practice that unlock from within our stored traumas and empowering seekers to the Truth! This training course is open to all who practice 18 months and more yoga with Marilena and wish to learn more and for teachers who wish to offer it to their students.

foundation 50hr CE TTC

In this course we study the therapeutic and traditional use of the hammock in order to support body and mind to connect and release traumas stored in the body. With 20 years of teaching experience in Yoga and 10 years in Aerial field, education and practice with various levels of students and special population, Marilena has created this course with special care and love, to encourage all instructors to use aerial hammock as a prop for therapeutic and restoring purposes, as well encouraging mind- body connection. Course is open to all yoga teachers and everyone who wish to learn Aerial Theraputics.


for students & teachers


~ 300hr certification ~
After years of changes, transformations, studies, initiations, experience and knowledge, with my beloved teachers, guru and wise mentors and counselors, i felt its the time to transmit to seekers who wish to dive into wisdom of Yoga & Tantra in a devotional and loving way. As Silentruth is also the core deeper meaning and aim of this Institute, for this you can dive into your development and self-discovery with Silence reaching the Truth!
“The divine feminine is the essence of the universe, the guiding force that leads us to our highest potential.”
~ Deepak Chopra

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