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Our biggest Offering / Seva project since 2015 is Open Yoga Day Cyprus. Established in 2015, the Open Yoga Day Cyprus is honored to educate the public about benefits of yoga through annual free community events held at different locations across the island of Cyprus. The occasions, facilitated with the support of local municipalities, sponsors, yoga instructors and organizing team of volunteers, annually gather yoga enthusiasts, families and friends for a day filled with inspiring programs. Promoting well-being and social interaction, the initiative aims at showcasing yoga benefits to all, while ultimately contributing in developing a healthy society. Join us in celebration of life, love and unity through those events.
Synchronized Meditations is a global gathering in another level of existence. Our first synchronized meditation all over Cyprus was held in December 2015. A Maitri Meditation of loving kindness for all human beings.
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"Nothing would stop people to come and this is surely because of the organizing team and their efforts, their targeted goal. Committed Yogis and seekers had a very unique chance of having the experience to get different Yoga teachings and more."
Diana Simillides
3rd OYDC
"I am so happy and proud to have been a part of this amazing event. I felt so lucky and all the teachers, organizers made me feel like home. Everyone was so king. Yoga make people connect."
Irmak Behzatoglu
3rd OYDC
"Yoga is all about community. OYDC enables all of us to come together students and teachers.It is a beautifull energy as everyone breathes together. Holding space. Connection. Sharing the Yoga love."
Vanessa Morton
2nd OYDC
"It was my pleasure to help in this really heart-made event. It was really enjoyable to be in the presence of this real soulful work and at such a full of light meeting."
Anastasia Katsouri
3rd OYDC
"As that kind of person who loves to perform and teach, OYDC gave me the opportunity to use and share my skills with like-minded people."
Florendia Zachariou
2nd OYDC

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