Marilena Shyama Shakti

Śrī Kalās - Supreme Art


expressing the Divine in Shape & Patterns

~ In-person ~

After years of changes, transformations, studies, initiations, experience and knowledge, with my beloved teachers, guru and wise mentors and counselors i was given the permission to offer this initiation to seekers to wish to approach Feminine Energy through an esoteric, playful and creative way.
A healing and transformative course that combine visual arts with meditative, contemplative, esoteric practices aiming to uphold Intuition & Creativity! This course teaches every women how to draw & paint intuitively using practices from the inner tradition of Shaktas (Yoga for Women), resulting tranquility, peace of mind, relaxation, confidence, harmony of body and mind. Welcoming all women who would like to cultivate their higher intuition, beauty, harmony, expression of creativity with open heart.
*** This is an initiation course open to all who are seekers and longterm practitioners in yoga! It is not a training or a course in order to teach it on your own!

Yantra ~ Pattern ~ Maṇḍala ~ Geometric Ornament

Initiation based Course

Practitioner for long period and dedication into the path. Its important to ensure readiness of the student before diving deeper. Safety and keeping sacredness protected its essential!

16 sessions initiations with teachings and practice

– In Person:
Silentruth Institute
Acropoleos Avenue 71, office 32, Nicosia 2012
– Online Material:
Access to the online written materials / videos / pdf’s etc


Cancellation Policy:
no refundable fees

* By applying you agree with rules and regulations and cancellation policy active for all: retreat, workshop, initiations and training.

Lālitā Tripura Sundarī means: the most beautiful playful , charming woman in the three worlds of Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep!

“It is through geometry that one purifies the eye of the soul.”

~ Plato

Resonate with playfulness & harmony

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