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After years of changes, transformations, studies, initiations, experience and knowledge, with my beloved teachers, guru and wise mentors and counselors, i felt its the time to transmit to seekers who wish to dive into wisdom of Yoga & Tantra in a devotional and loving way. As Silentruth is also the core deeper meaning and aim of this Institute, for this you can dive into your development and self-discovery with Silence reaching the Truth!
Certifications are open to all women (Shaktis), who seek to develop, study, learn, awaken and transform. By completing the study courses needed for certification you will receive a 300hr Certification, so your will fulfil your dedication and commitment to your silent inner search for Truth!
Seeking, searching, learning, studying, contemplating on wisdom is an endless journey. I am honoured to support you into this path!

Transform ~ Nurture ~ Reveal your Potential

This certification programme is based on Tantric Philosophy and Teachings aiming to heal, develop and transform the practitioner. Discover the wisdom of your feminine body, woman’s psychology, creativity of your energy, open up your mind’s potential and discover the nature of the Feminine Divine.
You can study to receive this certification on your own pace. This certification is not a Teacher Training on how to teach the context of the study courses included as this need time & specific training. Although if you are a teacher then you will develop more your skills as long as you develop & transform yourself form with in. This counts as a continuing education credits.

By applying & completing the study & practice courses below you can receive a 300hr Certificate. This is not a training in order to teach but a continuing education title as you developed yourself and you transform on the way. 

– 2 years of practice with Marilena
– Feminine Diamond Body Study Course I
– Feminine Crystal Mind Study Course II
– Feminine Wise Heart Study Course III
– Śrī Vidyā Initiation 

This Certification Course open to all for Personal & Professional Continuing Education. Suitable for: – yoga teachers, alternative & holistic therapists who dive deeper into their education. – all women who wish to transform their daily life in a natural and healthy way. – seekers who wish to understand their physical body wisdom and explore their spirituality.

– on your own pace
– visit the study page for further info of the study courses dates

– In Person:
Silentruth Institute
Acropoleos Avenue 71, office 32, Nicosia 2012
– Online:
Via Google Meet
Online Course access

Access to the online written materials

This training is accredited by Silentruth Institute. Silentruth Institute is accredited by International Yoga Alliance.

The aspirants who complete the Certification requirements will receive a Certification accordingly to the hours.

“When the mind is full of worldly desires, it is their very nature to confuse the mind. Withdraw the mind from outer things and turn it inwards.”
~ Anandamayi Ma
“The difference between knowledge, knowing, and wisdom: Knowledge can be acquired. Knowing is a realization. Wisdom, you have to earn.”
~ Sadhguru

Learn ~ Embody ~ Adapt ~ Heal

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