Marilena Shyama Shakti

February 7, 2023 in Reflections, Yoga

Sacred Spine

Our practice is dedicated to the #sacredspine in all levels during this month.

As we are transitioning to a new period of time we move inwards, into our inner landscape to search and remind the healing process of our being.

#yoga is an esoteric #mystical pathway to this goal.

“The spine is the first structure that forms inside the womb. From here, everything, body, limbs etc. take root. The spine literally supports us from behind, yet in our progress oriented “getting ahead” world, we relentlessly move forward, relying solely on the front of our bodies. In Haṭha yoga this lengthening and stretching of the spine was critical to spiritual development, opening the body to the free flow of life force energy / Prāṇa stimulating power centers / chakras and pathways / Nāḍīs and ultimately allowing spiritual energy / Kuṇḍalinī to rise up from the tip of our tailbone to the apex of the brain.” ~by Danielle Prohom

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